Announcement of President | Call For Officials: 1st School Session of EYP Turkey

EYP Turkey will held it’s very first School Session from 4th to 8th of May(for officials) in Istanbul and will be hosted by Koç School. And today, while opening the call for Officials we are happy to announce that the session will be presided by Bircan Kilci.  

The theme of the session is “The future of the EU: Forming synergistic and strategic alliances to resolve today’s conflicts”.
We are looking for 3 VPs, 16 Chairpersons, 1-2 Editors and 8 Media Team Members. We hope for experienced, motivated and open-minded participants open for new experiences in their EYP journeys. The deadline for submitting applications for the Officials‘ Team is on Friday, 1st of April, 23:59 CET.
There will be no participation fee for officials.
The Application Form for all Officials: 1stSS_Application_Form