EYP in Turkey

EYP Turkey is an active member of the EYP network since 1999. It has also been legally registered as an association as “Avrupa Gençlik Parlamentosu Derneği” under the Turkish laws since March 2011. As a volunteer-based association, it consists of approximately 100 members and continuously engages in the cross-national cooperation within the EYP by organising and participating in regional, national and international events and has so far sent delegates to more than 25 International Sessions. Its foremost aim is to promote and foster the general EYP aims within Turkey among the 16 to 21 age group and thus contribute to the Turkish approach to Europe.

Starting out as a youth club under the roof of a prestigious private high school, Robert College, EYP Turkey has come a long way since then. From sending delegations composed of only Robert College students, the organisation has shifted to involve students from many different schoolsbackgrounds and cities. Also, the activities that the National Committee of EYP Turkey oversees, have now expanded to multiple regional conferences hosted in different schools all across Turkey, as well as a two National Selection Conference per year” scheme. EYP Turkey’s biggest international event, Istanbul Youth Forum continues to gather over 150 participants annually. In addition, our first session outside Istanbul, 1st  International Ankara Youth Forum was also a success which we hope to continue.

Over the course of 2009, six conferences have been held with the support and assistance of the National Committee, four of which have been organised by schools that have only recently integrated in the EYP Turkey framework. The goal of gradual expansion is being achieved, with an increasing number of schools applying to participate in National Selection Conferences, and new alumni enquiring about hosting their own EYP sessions. The increase in participation has also led to greater number of talented and enthusiastic alumni representing EYP Turkey on the regional and international level. A solid alumni base as well as a strong infrastructure system is now in place that allow multiple sessions to be organised simultaneously.

Since its official inception in the beginning of 2007, the National Committee has taken up the responsibility of organising the annual EYP Turkey events, managing the daily work EYP related activities, promoting the objectives of EYP in Turkey, and selecting delegations to represent Turkey at international EYP events.