1) Who can attend the National Selection Conferences of EYP Turkey

Eager students, who want to attend the conference as a delegate, might apply to the session as a school delegation in the given periods of time. The application periods are open twice a year, prior to two National Selection Conferences. In order to be able to attend the NSC, the application of the delegation should be accepted by the Board of EYP Turkey. The students in the delegation must be at least a 9th grade students from the schools with a preparation year and at least a 10th grade students from the schools without a preparation year. A student can attend maximum of two different National Selection Conferences.
In order to apply for the positions of a Chair and a Journalist, which require a certain EYP experience, the person should be an EYP Turkey alumnus.

2) Who can attend the International Forums that are organized by EYP Turkey?

There is no chance to apply to the International Forums of EYP Turkey individually. We only accept a delegation from the host school and a delegation that is selected during one of the previous National Selection Conferences.

In order to apply for the positions of a Chair and a Journalist, which require a certain EYP experience, the person should be an EYP Turkey alumnus.

3) Is there an age criteria for participation at EYP Turkey events?

Delegates for the National Selection Conferences should be high-school students who must be at least a 9th grade student from the schools with a preparation year and at least a 10th grade student from the schools without a preparation year. Primary school and university students cannot participate at National Selection Conferences as delegates.

There is no upper age limit for the participants, however our participants are usually from an age scale between 16 and 22. There is no age limit for the official positions.

4)Can university students participate at EYP Turkey events?

Yes. University students can participate at Academic Forums which are organised by EYP Turkey. A person who participates at the forum as a delegate and attends an EYP 101 training becomes eligible for EYP Turkey and Avrupa Gençlik Parlamentosu Türkiye Association memberships.

5) Can students, who study at a school without an EYP school club, apply to EYP Turkey events as individuals?

Currently, we do not accept individual applications for our National Selection Conferences. In order to participate at these events, one must inform their teachers and school administration to apply for our National Selection Conferences with 6 students and 1 advisor.

6) Who can participate to the social events of EYP Turkey outside of the sessions?

EYP Turkey members can participate social and educational activities organized by EYP Turkey.

7) Which activities of EYP Turkey can an alumnus attend?

At EYP, age of participants change 16-22. To be delegate at a National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey, the one should be older than 16 and have not been participated to two or more than two National Selection Conferences.

8) Who can participate to EYP sessions abroad?

To participate many of the sessions abroad, you should participate a NSC of EYP Turkey and be selected by jury as a member of Turkish delegation.

EYP Turkey alumni can apply some sessions which accepts individual delegates. Also, all EYP Turkey alumni have right to apply Regional, National and International Sessions abroad as a juror, chairperson, journalist, editor, vice-president or president but students who are not alumnus of EYP Turkey cannot apply for any session abroad.

9) Should any fee be paid to participate EYP Turkey events?

For the delegates and advisors, EYP Turkey National Committee sets fee but there is no participation fee for the ones who participates as an official team member to EYP Turkey events.

10) Where can the information about EYP events held in our country and abroad be found?

You can find all the information about EYP events on the official website (www.eyp.org), the alumni platform and the Facebook pages for sessions. In addition, calls for the sessions or other events in our country and abroad are forwarded to the EYP Turkey alumni. If you are an alumnus of EYP Turkey and you are not receiving such e-mails, please contact Human Resources Director Ekin Su Yılmaz via her e-mail adress (ekin.yilmaz@eyp.org.tr).

Student Clubs

1) What should be done to establish an EYP club at school, if there isn’t any?

Since the school management is responsible for school clubs, the teachers or the alumni that want to establish an EYP club should contact the school management.

2) Who should be the director of the EYP school clubs?

Teachers who are interested in EYP or students that are experienced in EYP sessions can be the director of the club at their school.

3) How should the school clubs work?

The working system and curriculum of the school clubs are decided upon and implemented by club teachers and one or two students responsible of the club. EYP Turkey has no authority over school clubs. However, in order to prepare the students for the National Selection Conferences and inform them about EYP, it is encouraged for the clubs to simulate the main elements of an EYP session which are Teambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly.

4) Can school clubs be member of EYP Turkey?

No. Membership of EYP Turkey is for individuals only at the moment. Therefore, we do not accept school memberships. However schools can register to EYP Turkey’s school and teacher database. We share all the details about EYP Turkey events and delegation applications with the members of our database. In order to register to our list, please get in touch with our Human Resources Director Tamer Özgen via tamer.ozgen@eyp.org.tr


1) Who can be a part of Turkish delegations for EYP sessions abroad?

The Turkish delegations consist of students who had attended a National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey as a delegate, were selected by the jury, and earned the right to represent EYP Turkey in a session abroad.

2) What are responsibilities and duties of EYP Turkey towards the Turkish Delegations?

The National Committee of EYP Turkey is liable for authorising chaperones for all delegations, Moreover, EYP Turkey is responsible for the communication with the organising committees of the sessions on behalf of the delegation, travel arrangements for the delegation to travel together and the academic preparation of the delegates before the sessions.

3) Who accompanies our delegations?

Our delegations are accompanied by chaperones, who are selected by the Board of EYP Turkey. The chaperones are responsible for the delegation throughout the session as well as their travel to and from the session.

4) Who can be chaperones?
In addition to the teachers who are chosen from various schools, Board Members of EYP Turkey or, if necessary, an EYP Turkey alumnus who is older than 18, authorised by the Board, can be chaperones.

5) What are the responsibilities of students in a delegation?

Students of Turkish delegations shouldn’t forget that they are representing their schools and country and they are expected to behave accordingly. Participation to all elements of the session and being an active delegate are expected from all delegates. Our delegates should follow the rules of their chaperone(s) as well as the rules of the session in order to preserve integrity within the delegation.

6) Is it possible to act seperately from the delegation?
It is expected for the delegation to move together with their chaperone at all times, from the beginning of the session until the end, including the travels. In special cases, delegates can be permitted to act individually in terms of transportation to, within and from the session. In order to be permitted to do so, the delegates should hand in their parental consent to the Human Resources Director.

7) Which expenses should be covered by the delegation?

Delegates should cover the participation fee, travel costs and their personal expenditures.

8) Which expenses should be covered by chaperones?

Chaperones should cover their personal expenditures. Apart from that, covering participation fee of the session and travel cost of chaperone is expected from the school administration. If not, these expenses will be allocated within the delegation members.

Session Structure

1) What are the official EYP and EYP Turkey sessions?

An official EYP session is an event that is organised by one of the National Committees recognized by EYP International Office.

An official EYP Turkey session is an event that is organised with the consent and coordination of the National Committee. You can find all official EYP Turkey sessions from Events Archive (http://www.eyp.org.tr/events-archive/). EYP format events that are organised by Turkish schools without the consent of EYP Turkey are not official EYP sessions.

2) What are the differences between National Selection Conferences (NSC), International Forums (IF) and International Sessions (IS)?

National Selection Conferences are annual events that are organised by a selected school and the coordination of the Board of EYP Turkey. The main goal of the event is to select delegations to represent EYP Turkey in sessions abroad. Schools, which deliver a successful application, can participate at the event with a delegation up to 6 people.

International Forums are international events where selected delegations from all over Europe can participate at.

International Sessions are the core events of EYP International where almost all of the National Committees participate . Most successful students of the National Selection Conferences are selected to represent their country at an IS. There are three (spring, summer, autumn) International Sessions which are being organised in a year and National Committees are able to send delegations to spring and autumn International Sessions. Summer International Sessions are for the ones who has participated at an International Session that is organised in the last 18 months. EYP Turkey has organised two International Sessions so far: 69th IS of EYP, Istanbul 2012(23 March – 1 April 2012) and 78th IS of EYP, Izmir 2015( 17 – 26 April 2015)

3) What is the procedure of organising a National Selection Conference?

In every February, National Board of EYP Turkey opens a call for next year’s autumn and spring NSC’s. Board of EYP Turkey provide the candidate schools with all the necessary details and information. After careful consideration, the Board of EYP Turkey announces the results in April or May.

4)What is the procedure of organising an International Forum?

EYP Turkey National Board opens a call for hosting the International Forum of the next year.  Every alumnus older than 18 or every school can apply to host an International Forum. EYP Turkey Board evaluates the application and informs the hosting school/alumnus at least 7 months prior to the session. Every alumnus of EYP Turkey can be an organiser at an International Forum.

5) Who can be a part of the organisation team of a National Selection Conference or an International Forum?

Preferably, the members of the host schools’ EYP Club form the organisation team. If there is not an EYP Club at the school, the advisors may form an organisation team out of their preferred students.

6) What are the duties and responsibilities of EYP Turkey in terms of event organisation?

During the organisational period, EYP Turkey Sessions Directorate is responsible for supporting the host school and the organisation team, sharing her/his experiences, training the organisation team in terms of crisis management, and making sure that the principles of EYP Turkey’s Organisations Manual are followed.

7) What are the responsibilities of the host school and organisation team when organising a session?

Host schools and organisation teams are responsible for logistic management, finding sponsors and session funding. It is also the responsibility of the organisers to inform the participants before and throughout the session, to answer their questions and to contact them.

Host schools are obliged to follow the principles mentioned in the Organisation Manual as well as other related documents of EYP Turkey and they have to be transparent to the Board of EYP Turkey regarding the organisation process.