Izmir 2015

The 78th International Session of European Youth Parliament was proudly hosted by the EYP Turkey. For Izmir 2015, 330 participants between ages 15-25, as well as teachers and guests from all over Europe gathered in the beautiful city of Izmir between 17-26th of April. Presided by Oğulcan Torun (Turkey) and head-organized by Öykü Talu (Turkey), Izmir 2015 was a result of tremendous efforts of at least two years.

Izmir is one of Turkey’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, surrounded by clear blue seas, and many historical sites. On the first six days, participants were hosted at Teos Village, a tranquil hotel situated around an enclosed bay overlooking the Greek islands. After enjoying the beautiful weather and the sun on the beach, playing teambuilding games in the pool and working collaboratively for Committee Work under trees, participants were transferred to Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention. At this venue, participants had the chance to warm to each other better in thermal water, spa, or sauna, while preparing for the GA and relaxing after fierce parliamentary debates.

Vice-presidents Alexandre Narayanin (FR), Sophie Scannell (IE) and Oscar Stenbom (SE) led the the academic aspect of the session and the Chair’s Team. IZMedia, led by Sebastian Hojas (AT) and Oliver Stenbom (SE) made all participants take some unforgettable moments back home. As the National Committee, we express our earnest gratitude to the Organizing Team for their tremendous efforts and all participants who made Izmir 2015 a session to remember.

Why did Izmir 2015 feel so good?

  • Beautiful city
  • Incredible chairpersons, journalists and organisers
  • Enthusiastic delegates
  • Amazing people
  • Teambuilding on the beach, in the pool
  • Delicious Turkish food
  • Great Gatsby Theme Party
  • Eurovillage
  • Historical Tour to Ephesus (an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia)
  • Spa after hours of intense debates
  • Turkish Night
  • Farewell Party


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