National Selection Conferences

In Turkey, the first National Session adhering to the EYP format was held in Turkish at Robert College in 2003. The aim of this conference, namely Istanbul Gençlik Forumu (IGF), was to increase participation to EYP amongst state schools and schools that did not have comprehensive English language programmes. The initial concept later developed into similar regional conferences organised by various schools with assistance and support from the National Committee.

Traditionally merged into the IGF as an extended selection process, the National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey is the first stand-alone selection conference. The first and next six National Selection Conferences held in English was organised by Robert College and included participation from international alumni. Upon Turkish National Committee’s decision to organise two National Selection Conferences per year at different schools, the seventh NSC was hosted by İstek Özel Semiha Şakir Lisesi in April 2010 and since then NSCs have been successfully taking place in different schools in different cities each year.